Health potentials vary from country to country, city to city, and neighborhood to neighborhood. Evidence of inequality in health potentials reflects the persistence of inequality in all of its other forms, and in the US that means that communities of color and low wealth communities continue to carry a disproportionality high burden of health disparities. As a public benefit corporation, Potluck supports Healthy Savannah in their mission to address health equity along the Georgia Coast by donating 1% of all local sales.

Addressing Disparities.

The evidence of unequal opportunity and access to live life according to a personal appreciation for health and wellness is overwhelming. Those who are at higher risk for disease are also less able to access preventative measures, personalized consultation, and health care treatment. The unsurprising result is alarming disparities in health outcomes between wealthy and low-wealth communities and between white communities and communities of color.

From food access and food deserts to food sovereignty and food apartheid, our efforts to overcome historical inequalities and achieve health equity require more attention, intention and energy.

Social Determinants of Health.

Understanding the social determinants of health is the first step in participating in and contributing to a more equitable food system. These social determinants include health care access and quality, social and community context, economic stability, access to and quality of education, and neighborhood and built environment.


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