On the list of things we take for granted, physical health rates pretty high. And maintaining or regaining our physical health isn’t a silver bullet or a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Yet, the single best candidate for a universal assurance for staying healthy–the food we eat–is as often a detriment to our health than it is a benefit.

Putting Processed Foods in Their Place.

The ingredients most often found in processed foods–saturated fats, salt, and sugar–all cause inflammation. And chronic inflammation leads to almost every chronic health problem we know of. Yet these foods don’t rely solely on inflammation to inflict their damage. They also directly contribute to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and many other life-threatening diseases.

Balance and Moderation.

Food choices that focus on balance and moderation lead to healthy living. And thankfully, the foods that reduce the likelihood of one of the above ailments frequently reduces the likelihood of others.

While food habits–from who we cook with to how we socialize during meals–contribute significantly to our overall health, there are many other aspects to living a quality life. Holistic health goes beyond food habits to include all aspects of living, whether driven by choice or necessity. Wellness includes 6 dimensions: physical, emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, and vocational.

Find Your Own Path.

From Ikigai to Blue Zones–there are many models we can follow to guide down a path of holistic health. The 9 basic habits practiced by people who live in Blue Zones for instance, include habits we’ve all expressed interest in adopting at one point in our lives. These daily habits include plant-based diets, never eating until completely full, low-level activity as a part of daily routines, and a social network with habits that align with health and wellness.

We celebrate this view of a good life at Potluck, and are committed to enhancing the social, cultural, professional and culinary networks that are so central to it.


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