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Welcome to the onePotluck support page. Here you can watch our Recipe Wizard tutorial, view our FAQ and provide feedback on the platform.

Recipe Wizard Tutorial
How does onePotluck calculate nutritional information?
We use an API (or application programming interface) called “Edamam” to send ingredients for a recipe and retrieve nutritional and other classifying information that we can then store in our database and associate with the recipe. We also run the retrieved results through our own proprietary algorithms to further add utility and other schema and classifications which help to make the onePotluck search so robust.
How does onePotluck match my personalization settings to recipes in the database?
For each user we calculate the number of specifications provided in their profile and then compare that list to the qualifiers for the recipe being viewed and produce a numeric value representing a % match for that recipe. It’s as simple as that for our beta. However, part of our core philosophy is continuous, incremental improvement and just like Google, onePotluck will keep making tweaks to our algorithms to better match you with recipes that will not only fit your dietary needs but your taste preferences as well!
What ads will I see?
You will only see ads that precisely match what you actively opt in to see. For example, you might want to see ads by local grocers who have excess inventory they’re selling at a discount, or to learn if a favorite vendor of yours has introduced a new product. You can opt out of all advertisements. This will not affect your experience on onePotluck in any way, and you can partake fully of all onePotluck benefits.
How do you use my data?
We use the information you provide to give you personalized search results. We commit to full transparency and give you full control of your information. We will not share your information with advertisers.
How does onePotluck make money?
Our financial success is tied directly to the success of the vendors on our platform. We charge vendors a fee for every transaction conducted on our platform. In the future, we may charge a small fee for specific services (e.g. nutritional advice).
What does being a Public Benefit Corporation mean?
We incorporated as a PBC so that we could enshrine in our mission a positive impact on local economies and the wellbeing of individuals and communities beyond the mere achievements of financial goals of our investors. Read more about PBCs here.

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