We believe

food–and the infinite journey of nutrients it represents–holds a sacred place in the relationships between all people, and between people and the land we live on.

We understand

the quality of those relationships dictates the quality of our individual and collective health and wellness.

We acknowledge

that human civilization revolves and evolves around our relationship with food: how it’s planted, grown, nurtured, made, distributed, and shared.

We celebrate

how our health and wellbeing depend on the health and wellbeing of our natural systems.

And we accept

that nutrition is the consequence of nothing more–and nothing less–than the collective efforts among people to harness the bounty of this magnificent planet.

Today, humanity has the natural abundance and technology it needs to provide optimal nutrition and a good life for everyone. Yet our food systems are not only failing a significant number of people, they’re failing the ecosystems we rely on for long-term flourishing.

Even those who can afford nutritious diets are often poorly nourished. Quantity is not an assurance of quality. And as our environment and our soils are degraded further, the quality of our nutrition is increasingly at risk.

A virtuous cycle of nutrition, health and wellness can transform the negative impacts of the present vicious cycle. The solution is a vibrant, equitable, and richly interconnected web of sharing that promotes learning, understanding and collaboration. Food nourishes us. And food connects us. Potluck amplifies these synergies for the benefit of everyone.


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